Elon Musk's Fake Robot Wife Catanella Fool Netizens

Netizens were recently fooled by a viral image reportedly showing billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk with his new robot wife, named Catanella. 

The images, which show Musk dancing and kissing his "artificial intelligence" spouse, had many people convinced that the tech mogul had finally succeeded in his quest to build a robot wife. However, it has since been revealed that the images were actually generated using AI technology and are entirely fake. 

The discrepancies in the images were pointed out by industry experts, who noted the inconsistencies in the robot's hair color and facial features, as well as Musk's erratic gaze. Additionally, some images featured a flabby and out-of-shape Musk, in contrast to his current physical form. 

While Musk did announce the development of a prototype Tesla robot in 2022, it was named Optimus, not Catanella. Since the initial announcement, no major advancements have been reported in Tesla's robotics project. Despite his tendency to go public with his various projects, Musk has not shared any content related to a robot wife, and the supposed images are nothing but a hoax.

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